12 Free Web 2.0 Startups That Help Manage Small Businesses

Link: 12 Free Web 2.0 Startups That Help Manage Small Businesses

Anyone who lived through the late 90’s remembers the endless barrage of buzzwords about computerized productivity. “The paperless office” and “e-business” are but a few of the slogans capturing how the Internet was going to revolutionize our work. Annoying as these slogans became, the ideals behind them were unquestionably desirable. Who wouldn’t want to work in a paperless office? Reality hasn’t fully caught up to these ideals, but various Web 2.0 startups have come awfully close. Today we take a look at 12 services that help small businesses operate more efficiently and inexpensively. Neglect them at your peril, because your competitors surely haven’t!


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