Alcohol-free whisky is halal-certified


We’ve seen the creation of halal baby food and halal cosmetics over the years, both free of ingredients that are forbidden by Islamic law. Given that alcohol is also one of those forbidden ingredients, it makes sense that there’s now ArKay, a brand-new halal-certified whisky beverage that’s entirely alcohol-free.

Gearing up for a global launch this week, Florida-based ArKay bills itself as “the world’s first alcohol-free, whisky-flavored drink.” The beverage includes no alcohol and so is technically considered a soft drink; at the same time, it’s said to taste just like the “real thing,” its maker asserts. Not only that, but the product conforms to halal guidelines and is made with certified halal ingredients. From December, ArKay will be available in one-liter glass bottles and 12-oz. aluminum cans for USD 10 and USD 4, respectively.

With a potential market that amounts to roughly a quarter of the world’s population, ArKay is now seeking qualified distributors and importers around the globe. Retailers far and wide: time to get in line?

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