20 Real-World Uses for Google Wave

Link: 20 Real-World Uses for Google Wave

As soon as Google Wave was announced, the initial beta users jumped at the opportunity to invite their friends into the world of the “Wave.” However, they soon discovered that they had no idea how to utilize Google’s latest concoction, and abandoned the online collaboration client as soon as they jumped into it. This isn’t the first time a trend has died off as quickly as it was hyped up: instant messaging services were once regarded as unneccessary, since diehard email users didn’t see the need for them. Fortunately, as soon as the the services began expanding their features, users saw that they were capable of so much more and eventually warmed up to the technology. We figure that Google Wave users would react in the same manner if someone would just explain what exactly can be done with the web client. If you’re not entirely familiar with what Google Wave is all about, we should let you know that it’s essentially a “hosted email” service, in which you can send messages to other users in real time. You can also have a large number of individuals included in the Wave with you, as well as install add-ons with additional features.


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