Mengubah sepeda kayuh menjadi sepeda elektrik

Shimano, perusahaan di Eropa, sedang mengembangkan berbagai piranti untuk mengubah sepeda kayuh tradisional menjadi sepeda bertenaga listrik. Shimano membuat beberapa piranti untuk memberikan daya listrik tambahan bagi sepeda kayuh. Misalnya, satu motor listrik berdaya 250W dapat membuat sepeda berjalan dengan kecepatan 25 km per jam, sementara piranti pengereman akan membuat baterai lithium-ion 24V/4.0Ah terisi ulang.

[ENGLISH] from Shimano Kit Converts Regular Bikes into e-bikes [Springwise]
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“Smart Meter” dan “Google PowerMeter”

Google PowerMeter adalah software perangkat pemantau energi otomatis yang dapat memantau konsumsi energi rumah atau kantor kita secara online. Google PowerMeter bekerja pada  smart meter. Smart meter adalah meter listrik yang memiliki kemampuan merekam konsumsi energi rumah dan mengirimkan informasi tersebut melalui internet.

[ENGLISH] from Google PowerMeter [Google]

Google PowerMeter is a free energy monitoring tool that helps you save energy and money. Using energy information provided by utility smart meters and energy monitoring devices, Google PowerMeter enables you to view your home’s energy consumption from anywhere online.

NASA Space Tech to Make Green Buildings More Efficient

Link: NASA Space Tech to Make Green Buildings More Efficient

NASA has announced a plan to develop next-gen intelligent, automated monitoring systems for both offices and research environments. Collaborating with Integrated Building Solutions (IBS), the system will enhance energy efficiency, reduce consumption and provide a more comfortable workspace. The system will be tested at NASA’s Sustainability Base after its completion in 2010. The base is being built at the Ames Research Center.

Bathroom Mirror Shows Water Consumption in LEDs As You Wash Your Face

Link: Bathroom Mirror Shows Water Consumption in LEDs As You Wash Your Face

This intriguing – and somewhat complex – concept design for a bathroom mirror brings the water crisis right in front of your face. The mirror is lit with LEDs powered by the flow of water in the pipes. As you use the mirror throughout the year, the patterns of water use and supply create a frame, and you can see how your habits affect the planet.

10 Ways to Save Money by Going Green

Link: 10 Ways to Save Money by Going Green

10 Green Startups to Watch

Link: 10 Green Startups to Watch

AltaRock Energy

Sausalito, California-based AltaRock Energy has capitalized on the alternative energy craze with a bid to make Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) a viable alternative to fossil fuel-based power.


This Al Gore-backed startup plays to the growing corporate desire to keep track of CO2 emissions for both carbon regulation and CSR purposes.


Lithium-ion battery makers may still cater to a niche market, but demand is about to explode as the next generation of hybrid electric vehicles roll off production lines.

Integrity Block

Integrity Block, a startup that manufactures the sustainable answer to the standard concrete block. Integrity Block’s building blocks are made out of a proprietary soil composite that contain 50% recycled content and require 40% less energy to manufacture.

Industrial Origami

This San Francisco-based startup merges metal with origami to make cheap and efficient sheet metal-based products. The company cuts “smiles” (tabs) into thin pieces of sheet metal so that the material can be folded into complex structures using as few components as possible.

SOMS Technologies

We don’t all drive electric vehicles quite yet, and in the meantime, SOMS Technologies thinks its high-efficiency engine oil filter can seriously cut down on oil use. It may not be the sexiest green tech innovation, but its the first major upgrade to the standard oil filter since the 1970s.


One of the most promising (and well-funded) startups is Tendril, a 5-year old company that has raised over $40 million for its suite of energy management hardware and software solutions. Among Tendril’s products: a smart thermostat, web-based energy portal, in-home energy display, smart outlets, and cell-phone apps that let customers keep track of energy use and remotely turn appliances on and off.


Oree, an Israeli startup, its trying its hand in the LED market with a flexible, credit-card sized bulb that the company claims is cheaper and more efficient than competing LEDs.


Another major entrant in the burgeoning green building material industry is Calstar, a Foundation Capital-backed startup that makes low-energy, low-CO2 bricks from sand and fly-ash—a byproduct of burning coal.


Founded in 2007, this Los Gatos, CA-based startup claims that it has developed a process to turn CO2 from sources like coal power plants into replacement for Portland cement.

GE: ecomagination

Link: GE: ecomagination

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Geothermal waste water is lithium source

Link: Geothermal waste water is lithium source

We, Indonesian, have enormous geothermal sources, don’t we? So, please believe that there is future… for us!