iTriage, software yang mengubah HP menjadi alat diagnosa

iTriage, software untuk smartphone berbasis iOS dan Android, menampilkan isi dari website informasi medis iTriage. Kita bisa mencari gejala penyakit dan mempelajari berbagai kondisi kesehatan.

[ENGLISH] from iTriage Turns Your Smart Phone into a Medical Diagnosis Tool [Lifehacker]
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Salad Spinner that Saves Lives

Link: Salad Spinner that Saves Lives

When’s the last time you heard of a salad spinner that saves lives? Two Rice University students have transformed a simple salad spinner into an electricity-free centrifuge that can be used to diagnose diseases on the cheap. Created by Lauren Theis and Lila Kerr, the ingenious DIY centrifuge is cobbled together using a salad spinner, some plastic lids, combs, yogurt containers, and a hot glue gun. The simple and easily-replicated design could be an invaluable tool for clinics the developing world, enabling them to separate blood to detect diseases like anemia without electricity.

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