iTriage, software yang mengubah HP menjadi alat diagnosa

iTriage, software untuk smartphone berbasis iOS dan Android, menampilkan isi dari website informasi medis iTriage. Kita bisa mencari gejala penyakit dan mempelajari berbagai kondisi kesehatan.

[ENGLISH] from iTriage Turns Your Smart Phone into a Medical Diagnosis Tool [Lifehacker]
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Siri Launches Voice-Powered iPhone ‘Assistant’

Link: Siri Launches Voice-Powered iPhone ‘Assistant’

Siri, an artificial intelligence-based voice-recognition startup, launched an iPhone app incorporating its technology on Friday. With the app running, you can address requests to your phone verbally, asking it things like, “Will it rain today?” or “Where is a good place for pizza nearby?” and “I’d like a table for two at Il Fornaio tomorrow night at 7.” The Siri app parses the sound, interprets the request, and hands it off to an appropriate web service, such as OpenTable, Yelp, CitySearch, and so on. It displays the results onscreen as it goes, giving you a chance to correct or adjust your request via onscreen taps.

AsthmaMD Helps Asthma Sufferers, Gathers Aggregate Research Data

Link: AsthmaMD Helps Asthma Sufferers, Gathers Aggregate Research Data

A new iPhone app called AsthmaMD, which was created by am Pejham (a doctor and researcher) and Salim Madjd, aims to help some of those sufferers. The application let’s them keep a diary of attacks, helping them keep records of the severity of attacks, medications used, etc.

But what’s really interesting about AsthmaMD: users can opt in to share this data anonymously with the service. The data is aggregated and will be shared with researchers. The company says that will help doctors and researchers better understand the disease, and may help people know when an attack is more likely