SMS GupShup

Link: SMS GupShup

Watch out, Twitter!

How it works:

  • Create Multiple Groups using simple SMS commands.
  • Post your messages to all members of your group for FREE.
  • Invite all your friends on your group by a simple SMS command.
  • Set SMS greeting message for your group
  • Send personal or group picture greetings.
  • Choose from a wide range of picture greetings, casual ones or suited to an occasion
  • Join groups of your interest and get news and updates.

T-Shirt-Based Interactive Marketing

Link: T-Shirt-Based Interactive Marketing

Give more meaning to your t-shirt! Send more money to our business.


Link: Tweet-a-watt

How to make a twittering power meter…

1. Buy a kit, 2. Hardware, 3. Software

Software part: 1. Listening the signal, 2. Compute the power usage, 3. Store in a database (here), 4. 3. View